Research Proposal

The topic of abortion and its legalities in the United States has been an intense one throughout the past few centuries. The controversies over it have always been beyond complex and come from various different sides on the subject. Out of these controversies comes the laws and legalities of each case and state in our country, and that is what this blog will discuss. It is discussing and confronting the history of these laws, regulations, and legalities since the early 1800’s.

Sources will include scholarly articles on both contemporary and historic legalities, past recorded public outrage and/or influence, and court cases, information on abortion from professional and online medical websites, documentaries on United States abortion, as well as articles on feminism, sexual health, reproductive rights, and social media influence.

Possible blog-post topics may include:

  • Legalities of various U.S. states
  • Number of abortion clinics in the U.S. over time
  • Court Cases (i.e. Roe v. Wade)
  • The first abortion-restriction laws
  • Public Influence (i.e. 1984 Christmas Abortion Bombing)
  • How social media influences abortion laws

As earlier suggested, the topic of abortion legalities in the United States is very controversial, and it is one that has been heavily talked about as its awareness has grown over the years. It is an interesting topic to me, and it is one that I believe should be carefully looked at and examined historically to further understand the modern legalities. In my opinion, the awareness and understanding of abortion in our country is one of the most important topics in sexual health – the level of importance goes for all genders.

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